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Studies Application Version 2

This application manages the complete registration of files (with integrated electronic document management), the processing and the restitution of aid. This new release use PHP/SYMFONY 5 for the front-end and .NET/C# for the back-end. We use API Plateform/web services to link front and back sections.

5 décembre 2020 0

Salon du Cheval – Paris 2007 – 2021

For 14 years, we provide results for de Arabian Horse Show World Championship and since 9 years the Vaulting World Cup. In 2020, the championship was canceled. Go back in 2021…

18 décembre 2018 0

Video Display System 4

VDS 4 is a Braodcast software solution.It can using for sport events. This new version brings a video flow management, 2D and 3D animations, as well as the management of mixers ATEM and TRICASTER. 4K support. HTML Template. NODE.JS support. Used on live sport events : Track and Fields,  cross-country. (Athletics French Federation – FFA),…
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16 avril 2018 0

French Cross Country Championships – F.F.A.

The French Athletics Federation has entrusted us with the management of the French Cross-Country Championships since 2017. In partnership with Chrono Competition. Thus the French Federation of Athletics trusts us for 24 years (track events). The graphics solution is made available to the TV broadcaster as well as for the giant screens on the site.…
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26 mars 2018 0

To evolve, we set up new partnerships with several publishers(editors) and sets up partnerships with publishers(editors) such as Microsoft for a long time.For user interfaces, we use components Infragistics.For reports(relationships), SAP Crystal Report.At the level of frameworks PHP we chose Symfony.We use products Black Magic Design to develop solutions of dynamic displays(postings) based on…
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18 mars 2018 0