About us

Agence de développement de logiciels / affichages dynamiques, web, cloud, fclients lourds , cloud

Software-Alley has its origins in the development of commercial management for the winery. This first phase will be the source of the provision of a more comprehensive service.

After designing accounting and association management software (General Union of Winemakers and Home Improvement Associations), we specialized in the management of sports events. As part of the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, 43 sports were covered. These have been used in national and international events. We also competed at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics for Swiss Timing. In 1998, we were Omega’s figure skating providers at the Goodwill Games in New York.

From this experience, we have covered applications for theatres, concert producers (Gilbert Coullier Productions , TSPRod, Jean Claude Camus Productions, TROIS-S Entertainment, and FIMALAC.

Since 2007, Software-Alley.com has returned to its source: to propose solutions for companies. Groups such as Gilbert Coullier or Trois-S in the production of shows and the management of theatres have chosen our solutions. They also entrusted Software-Alley.com with the maintenance and evolution of their home solutions. Software-Alley integrates your ERP and business intelligence solutions.

Open to Open Source, we adapt solutions such as GLPI or ODOO to your needs. The information system is also part of our scope: Profiles of Information Systems Director are also attached to our concept. Software-Alley specializes in SME environments.

To clarify the two visions of the development and governance of I.S., we have put online two entries: Objective-SI for the management of information systems. Software-Alley.com for application developments. Activity in sport is focused on providing service-based solutions.

Our video broadcasting solutions have been used by specialized image production providers since 1993. We have been involved in the field of sport since 1992. In this context, we have carried out the computerization of 43 sports, of which athletics and equestrian sports were the reference disciplines. Preferred interlocutor of the F.F.A., the I.A.A.F. for track and field events. The scope covered all the sports management of events and their multichannel broadcasts (TV, internet, editions, CIS). The major French stages (French Championships, Decation, Meetings) were covered by our solutions. Our customers are television channels (TF1, France Television, CANAL, M6, FOX TV, TV TOKYO).

We covered the Judo World Championships in 2011, in Paris for CANAL+. We then directly served 50 television channels.

In the equestrian world, we covered Jumping, Dressage and Aerobatics events. Software-Alley was also a timekeeping and computer service provider at the World Equestrian Games with World Sport Timing. The French F.F.E. and international F.E.I. federations are our privileged partners.

Since 2007, we have been performing the Arabian Horse Show as part of the Horse Show, then Menton and Milan.

From this « sporty » experience we have kept respect for deadlines, the management of major projects (equestrian games, Olympic Games with Swiss Timing), the design and implementation of multi-site architectures. We offer our services through VIVE SA, MEGATEK, AFC Micro, Matpsort, Chrono Consult and Chrono Competition in their dynamic display and sports event management projects.

Our development teams use agile methods, the DevOps, and are able to define your cloud architectures.

Since 2017, we support a foundation in its digital transformation (infrastructure, organisation and development of software solutions). We develop software solutions for them (such as the distribution of €1.2 million in social actions).

in 2021, we collaborate with a sports federation in a €2 million project.